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ePub Magic TOC

ePub Magic TOC just released as the first member of ePub Magic family.

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Version: 1.52 What's New


User Manual


ePub Magic TOC is a professional tool for complicated ePub TOC tasks.

It's designed as a complementary tool for ePub Maker, but can be also used for most ePub files.

Additional to general TOC manipulation, ePub Magic TOC embedded several most used functions designed for common TOC problems in existing ebooks.

With ePub Magic TOC, you can easily get professional, useful, detailed TOC for your ePub book.

Enjoy it!


  1. TOC Structural Modification Add, remove, move up, move down, level up, level down, you can even do group process.
  2. TOC Text Modification More than editing an entry, you can do bulky work, such as replacement.
  3. Powerful Automation Complex heavy task can be complished via batch function in one click.
  4. Preview You can monitor TOC items by intrinsic preview.
  5. Safe Link With file and anchor lists, you can assign link just by selection, so that you can avoid broken link.
  6. Safe Editing With one step undo on every process, and full revert to original state, error in modification can be easily found and corrected. We will try to add whole steps undo in later versions.
  7. Easy to use More than whole graphical UI, shortcut system is also designed for high speed work via keyboard.
  8. High Performance Again, like all other tools presented by Epingsoft, you can not find any other tools in this field has the same high speed and the same low environment requirement.


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